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I help schools create stand-out marketing that attracts and enrolls the right families.





Are you tired of...

  • rabbit-hole and reactive marketing that has no clear direction?

  • not having families enrolled that you thought were a ‘shoe in’?

  • not standing out from the noise?

  • Prospective families not ‘getting’ your value?

Mia can help your school:

  • Create value centric messaging that makes you stand out from the crowd.

  • Automate your marketing from recruitment to enrollment so you have LESS work.

  • Get your prospects to take action. No stalling when it comes to enrollment!

Make Your School Stand Out

Connect with your prospective families with clarity and authenticity


About Mia


Mia Johnstone is a relationship builder and marketing expert. Whether it’s speaking to an audience or creating a relationship-sales funnel that will engage and convert website visitors, Mia shows schools how to attract and enroll the right families without complexity. 


She is the former Los Angeles Private School Guide publisher and has visited over 100 schools. She is the founder of School Marketing Summit, professional development for schools. 


Schools have a clear pathway for attracting, engaging and enrolling the right families when they work with Mia.



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What people are saying...


Mia's presentation style draws her audience in. She moves the needle from something you watch to something with which you engage.

- Julie Clardy, Episcopal School of Dallas


Mia is spot on with how she teaches schools how to use their cell phones to take better photos, utilize video features simply, and transfer those assets to increase school marketing efforts. Schools win because they can maximize the resources they already have.


- Tim McDonough, Finalsite, Director of Client Success


Mia is such an incredible instructor! Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, but she's so personable too. She is wonderful at leading the group environment. This fosters a connection between the group which leads to valuable content and advice being shared throughout the training. It is an absolute pleasure to work with Mia.

- Anna Gustafson, Marketing Specialist

Mia has worked with over 30 schools...

Your school has incredible VALUE.

Let’s attract the families that want that value!

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